There's something for everyone in this family-friendly neighbourhood part of Ireland
The people are the heart of Kinsale, which is packed full of friendly faces and local artisan businesses. Whether you are picking up fresh bread in the bakery or enjoying a meal with friends, you can be sure of a warm welcome and a smiling face.


Kinsale is a place built for families at all stages
There is something for everyone in this beautiful town. From excellent schools to great sporting facilities, Kinsale is sure to please every member of the family. A wealth of dining options makes the most of the local seafood, earning Kinsale the reputation as one of Ireland's great foodie locations.


Spacious interiors, an abundance of natural light and thoughtful touches such as generous storage make these homes a pleasure to live in, whatever the season.


These homes are perfect examples of exceptional architecture, where the area of each house and room is considered with the dynamics of people and their interaction with living space.


The right materials and the excellent finishes, from wall to floors to joinery, play a vital part in making warm, gererous spaces in these light-filled homes, a pleasure to come home to.